Activities in 2016

New Year Elderly Home Visit

MFTPA members visit Asilo Vila Madalena on 2nd January. We hope that the elderly at the center will be able to feel the care and the lively atmosphere of the Chinese New Year.

World Day for Audiovisual Heritage photography Competition

In order to celebrate UNESCO 70th anniversary and World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, MFTPA hold the “World Day for Audiovisual Heritage” photography competition。The winning works exhibited at The UNESCO Centre of Macao during 26th January to 1st February 2016.

"Macao Christmas lighting" Photograpgy competition

Co-organises with Macao Digital Photography Association, MFTPA organises “2015 Macao Christmas lighting” photography competition to enhance the atmosphere of Christmas in Macao. We collected over 300 works and exhibited at The UNESCO Centre of Macao during 26th January to 1st February 2016.

Macao Secondary School sharing

Image Instructional workshop

In order to assist youngsters to build up good image, MFTPA held a workshop at Sacred Heart Canossian College on 27th February and 12th March. The speaker is famous image designer Mr. Nelson Cheung from Hong Kong.

Large-scale event planning experience sharing

Director Fire Lee from Hong Kong shared his own experience about large-scale event planning to secondary school students of Sacred Heart Canossian College. Students interested in this area can get relevant concept and idea about this career.

Film Appreciation Workshop

During 2016 summer holiday ( 4th July – 20th July), MFTPA have held a film appreciation workshop in Hou Kong Middle school (Macao). Through films appreciation and discussion, develop positive thinking and interpersonal relationship, learn more historical knowledge, inspire students’ interest in film appreciation and strengthen the understanding of the film and enhance the students’ initiative. Professional lecturer including Mr. Jacky Chan and director Fire Lee from Hong Kong.

Film Appreciation Workshop

In the 2016-17 school year, MFTPA have held 6 film appreciation workshop at 4 school including Our Lady of Fatima Girls’ School, Keang Peng School, Sa Lei Tau Fong Chong Hok Hau and Fong Chong Taipa. After improving the workshop, we added more interactive activities, let the students to express their own thinking, to enhance and cultivate students’ psychological quality. At the meantime, students learnt more about the deeper meaning of the films and inspire their personal thinking ability.

Celebration of World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

From 2005, World day for Audiovisual Heritage is annually observed on October27. The theme this year is “It’s your story – don’t lose it”. Co-organizes celebration activity with International Council for Film, Television and Audiovisual Communication (ICFT), it is honoured to have invited Mr. Kifle Selassie Beseat, Special consultant of the UNESCO Director General, Ms. Lola Poggi Goujon, Secretary General of ICFT, and Ms. Xueyuan Hun, Project Manager of ICFT to be the seminar speakers. They shared different topics with Macao audiences. Also, through the screening in Macao secondary school and hold the English Story Competition, we hope to remind Macao students the importance of conserving audiovisual heritage.

1st International Film festival & Awards‧Macao (IFFAM)

Jointly organizes with Macao Government Tourism Office, 1st International Film festival & Awards‧Macao will be held from 8thDecember to 13th December.Aims to raise awareness and promote the various aspects of Chinese-language, East Asian and international cinema in all its forms. The goal of the Festival, which will emphasize popular but original films and has a multi-million dollar budget, is to become the leading international film festival and market in Asia. No only include film screening, competition, IFFAM will invite media, buyers, investors and industry guests fromall over the world.

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