A partnership project between IFFAM and British Film Institute (BFI). The programme is a 6-days film making experience in the run-up to the IFFAM. Twelve of the Macao’s most promising young filmmakers will participate in this one week course in which they will work as part of a film crew, led by industry professionals, to make a short film, which will premiere during IFFAM。


The short film produced by BFI participants will also be screened during BFI’s Future Film Festival 2017


Collaborating entity:  The British Film Institute


Pre-course section:2016.10.29-30


Main Program:  2016.11.29-2016.12.04


Premiere and Certificate Presentation Ceremony


Date: 2016/12/09 (TBC)


Venue: Macao Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre (TBC)

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