“Macao Short Film Competition”

1st International Film Festival & Awards‧Macao organizes the “Macao short Film Competition” to encourage Macao residents to create their own films and offer an opportunity for the film enthusiasts from all over the world to see the films created by the local potential film crews.


*The short film must be produced in 2016

Period of Collections



There is no restriction on the topic, but the film must include elements about Macao (eg. Macao Song, Macao history, Macao scenes etc.)

Voting time

The voting time for the finalist winners is from 8th December 12a.m. to 12th December before 11:59p.m.

Selection Committee:

  • Sergio Perez
      Sergio Perez


    Macau born filmmaker/producer/screenwriter of short films, documentaries and international television commercials.

    From 2004 to 2016 is the Macau Government Tourism Office Audiovisual criative/film and video director.

    Director and screenwriter for worldwide broadcasted TV Commercial campaigns for the Macau Grand Prix(2005-2016)and the “Macau International Fireworks Display Contest” (2004-2007).

    Member of the jury, selection and development committee of major Macau Tourism promotional campaigns (2004-2016).

    Graduated from the Portuguese Catholic University School of Arts, Cinema and tv.

    Directed the short films of Doci Papiaçam di Macau from 2005-2016, including “Macau Sam Assi”, exhibited in the Lusophone Festival in Nairobi, Kenya. Doci Papiaçam di Macau Group was awarded the medal of cultural merit by the Macau Government.


    Relevant Filmography:




    2016 – “Macau Champurado”- Short film produced by Doci Papiaçam di Macau. Exhibited on the 2016 Macau Arts Festival integrated on the Patuá Theatre Play ” Unga Chá di Sonho”.


    2015- ” Em Busca de um Prémio” – short film produced by Doci Papiaçam di Macau. Exhibited on the 2015 Macau Arts Festival integrated in the Patuá Theatre Play.


    2014- “Flying Over Macau” Aerial short documentary distributed online with large audience reception, and later recognized and distributed by Macau International Institute


    2012- “Macau Sam Assi”- Short Film Produced by Doci Papiaçam di Macau, exhibited on the 2012 Macau Arts Festival.


    2008 “Rua de Macau”. Short film that was showcased in the Macau Cultural Centre as an integral part of “Macau Stories”, a collection of short films done by local filmmakers about their city. These films were exhibited as part of the“Macau Independent Film Festival in Beijing”, as well as other events and venues throughout other cities and countries.


    2002- short film/documentary “Para Além da Porta do Entendimento – Sentir Macau” Official selection of the first edition at the international festival “1º Festival de Cine-Vídeo da Latinidade”, as well as the Portuguese festival “Festivideo”, organized inthe city of Oporto. The film won 3rd prize in the Portuguese festival “Festival de Video da Sé”, in the city of Faro.


    Rony Chan, Macau well-known program director and host. He has produced a number of shows and events over the years, using his rich program producing experience.
    Rony is not only a famous local show host, he is also one of the most experienced program producers in Macau. Rony has produced different local TV shows and big programs such as “the TDM Music Awards”, “Annual countdown event”, “Ooh! Macau MV Awards” etc. In film industry, Rony coordinated and produced “Ray of boxing” mini-film exhibition, “Fok Lung old town” mini-film exhibition, and “Mini-film Channel” TV program. All of the productions have received great achievements and are highly recommended by different media.

    • Rony Chan
        Rony Chan
      • Fire Lee
          Fire Lee


        Hong Kong Director, Screenwriter. Directed works included “Give Love”, “Love in Time” and “Robbery”. “Robbery” Was nominated the 63rd Golden Horse Awards Best Supporting Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay. His latest film is “Husband Killers”.


        Emily Chan is a new director and screenplay writer who is born in Macau. During her university life, she writes and directs the film 《Find My Way》. This film inspires lots of young filmmakers. In 2012, she study master in Beijing and directed her first movie 《Timing》, which is the first Macanese film can release in China. Now she is the director of C2M MEDIA, working at the Chinese film industry.

        • Emily Chan
            Emily Chan
          • Tracy Choi
              Tracy Choi


            A native Macau resident, Tracy Choi Ian Sin studied filmmaking in Taiwan’s Shih Hsin University. In 2012 her documentary short, “I’m Here,” won the Jury Award at the Macau International Film and Video Festival. The film was subsequently invited to various international film festivals, including Paris International Lesbian and Feminist Film Festival. Tracy is considered as one of the rising filmmakers in Macau.
            In 2013 Tracy received her MFA degree in Film Production at Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. “Sisterhood” will be Tracy’s first narrative feature film and is based on her experience of growing up in Macau and witnessing the city’s rapid change in the past decade. The project received grant from Macau’s Instituto Cultural and is currently in pre-production.


            Shortlisted Award (5 individuals): Certificate and cash award MOP 2,500
            The 5 shortlisted short films will be voted by the audience and result as the 3 finalist winners.

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