“Macao Audience Choice Award”
Winner:Cheong Wai Pan
Artwork title:Eyes of the Audience

The 1st International Film Festival & Awards‧Macao (IFFAM) will be held in December 2016. Local residents and designers are invited to participate in this event, as the best design will be chosen by the IFFAM’s selection committee for the trophy of the “Macao Audience Choice Award”, which will be presented to one of the 12 competition films selected by the local audience.

All local Macao residents are welcome to participate, except staff members of the organisers.
Period of Collections
Today till 9th September 2016.
Submissions are not limited to any kind of material and size. One design per person.

Each individual must submit his/her own work to the following location before 9th September 2016:

1st International Film Festival & Awards‧Macao secretariat
Alameda Dr. Carlos D’Assumpção, Centro Comercial Cheng Feng 336-342, 13 Andar G, Macau
Tel: +853 2850 9168



    Dante Ferretti

    Academy Award-winning production designer Dante Ferretti is the trophy designer of the 1st International Film Festival & Awards.Macao.


    Chui Sai Peng

    Dr. Chui Sai Peng has extensive professional experience in urban planning, civil and structural engineering and project management. He was responsible for many urban studies and projects in Macao, including the “21st Century Macao City Planning Guideline Study”, “Macao Cultural Facility Planning Study” and “Creative Industries District Conceptual Study”. He has published articles, including “New Habitant on Coloane Old Town”.

    Dr. Chui holds various public service positions, including the Deputy of the Macao SAR to the 12th National People’s Congress, Deputy of Legislative Assembly of the Macao SAR, Vice-President of Committee of Cultural Industries of the Macao, etc. Dr. Chui is the President of CAA City Planning & Engineering Consultants Ltd. as well.

    Dr. Chui founded the Chinese Cultural Exchange Association with other fellows in 2005 and serving as President of Executive Council. In recognition of Dr. Chui’s contribution, the Macao Government in 1999 and the Macao SAR in 2004 awarded him with the Professional Medal of Merit.

    • Chui Sai Peng
        Chui Sai Peng
      • Buddy Lam
          Buddy Lam

        Buddy Lam

        Buddy Lam is Assistant Senior Vice President of Public Relations at Galaxy Entertainment Group. Mr. Lam is responsible for leading the company’s public relations function to develop its corporate and community relations, media relations, events management, corporate branding and responsible gaming.

        Possessing over 15 years of solid experience in public relations gained from gaming and media industries in Macao, Singapore and the U.S., Mr. Lam previously held senior executive positions at a globally recognized gaming operator in Macao and was responsible for all the public relations functions for three different properties prior to joining the Galaxy Entertainment Group.

        In addition to his public relations expertise, Mr. Lam also serves in governmental positions in mainland China and Macao as Zhuhai Committee Member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Member of Macao SAR Culture and Industry Committee. Serving the community in Macao, Mr. Lam is Vice President of Youth Entrepreneur Association, Director of Macao Association of Young Employees in Gaming Industry, on Board of Directors of Convention and Exhibition Association and Executive Director of Youth Federation, among others.

        Carlos Marreiros

        Carlos Marreiros is an award-winning architect, urban planner, designer, writer, and artist. Born in Macao, he studied in Macao, Portugal, Germany, and Sweden. He is founder and partner of MAA (Marreiros Arquitectos Associados’ Lda) and Albergue SCM Creative Space. He was decorated by the Governor of Macao with the Medal of Cultural Merit (1987) and the Medal of Value (1999), by the President of Portugal as a Great Official of the Order of Prince Henry (1999), and by the Macao Government of with the Medal of Professional Merit (2002).

        Currently, he is the Honorary Professor at the SNAA of the State University of Shanghai, China, Honorary Professor at the FAU of the University of Huaqiao, China, and Trustee of the Macao Foundation, member of Macao SAR Government Consultative Council of Culture and Environment Council, and President of the Fellowships Council of the Macau Architects Association.

        • Carlos Marreiros
            Carlos Marreiros
          • Ka Lon Francisco Ho
              Ka Lon Francisco Ho

            Ka Lon Francisco Ho

            Ka Lon Francisco Ho is a member of Committee of Cultural Industries of the Macao SAR, President of Macao Youth Entrepreneur Association and Executive Committee Member of All-China Youth Federation.

            Mr. Ho now is the Executive Director of Ho Chun Kei Enterprise Company Limited, the company’s main business including real estate investment, restaurants, other catering business, real estate agents, construction and trading. In 2015, Mr. Ho won the prizes of The Excellence in Achievement of World Chinese Youth Entrepreneur and The Business Awards of Macau Young Entrepreneur Excellent Award.

            Mr. Ho has been concerned with youth affairs, and seeking to promote their personal development and individual potential. Earlier this year, he set up a Youth Development Foundation, which aims to promote the interaction of Macao and mainland youth in growth, business, culture and other aspects. The foundation sets up a platform for a long-term exchange of scientific, technological, educational, economic and cultural fields. It takes self-renovation development as its own target and actively participates in the development of the country and Macao and willing to create a good situation for win-win development of mainland and Macao.

            Lok Hei

            Lok Hei started his career as an advertisement designer and exhibition planner in Macao. As Vice President of the Macau Artist Society and a member of the China Artists Association, he has participated in many different kinds of exhibitions and projects, including:

            — Hei Lok & Wai-Kin Ng Arts Exhibition (Hong Kong and Macao)
            — Cheong Lok, Hei Lok & Wai-Kin Ng Arts Exhibition (Portugal)
            — Doors in Black and White Exhibition of Sketches and Portraits (Macao in 2009)
            — Ink Traveller Exhibition of Landscape Drawings (Macao in 2013)
            — Macau: Back to Common Roots (Macao in 2014)

            • Lok Hei
                Lok Hei
              • Pedro Ip
                  Pedro Ip

                Pedro Ip

                Pedro Ip majored in Communications during his studies at University of Southern California in Los Angeles. With his profound interest in art communications, after his MBA studies and his involvements in various governmental and social community works, he has become member of the Committee of Cultural Industries of Government of Macao SAR, director of Blanc Art Company Limited and president of Macao Chamber of Arts Commerce.

                Mr. Ip is actively engaging with the art scene in Macao. Being an experienced art critic and curator specializing in contemporary art, he is eager to promote contemporary art beyond national borders. Under his management, Blanc Art gallery has been closely involved and cooperated with Macau Art Museum, The Venetian Macao, Galaxy Macao, L’Arc Macau and Poly Auction.

                Si Ka Lon

                Si Ka Lon is currently a member of the fifth Legislative Council of the Macao SAR, the Convener of the Cultural Performance and Digital Media of Cultural Industries Committee of the Macao SAR Government, the member of the Cultural Industries Fund of the Macao SAR Government, the member of the Changchun Political Consultative Conference, the Chairman of the Macau Alliance of People’s Institution, the council member of the Macao Chamber of Commerce, the Chairman of the Guangdong and Macao Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Chairman of the Air Macau Express Freight Association, the Founding President of the Chinese Youth Advancement Association, the Vice President of the Macao Youth Federation, the Vice President of the Macau Youth Entrepreneur Association, the Vice President of World Fujianese Youth Federation and so on.

                Mr. Si Ka Lon has been working with young people in the community, actively promoting interaction and communication among the youth in Macao and around the world. He is interested in fostering young people’s sense of concern for the motherland, helping one another, and making progress together. He often encourages young people to treat opportunities and challenges with humble hearts, as long as they learn humility, persist till the end, they will be able to reflect their own values. He promises that he will do solid work, fight for justice in the parliament, and serve the public with heart, care and passion.

                • Si Ka Lon
                    Si Ka Lon
                  • Terry Sio
                      Terry Sio

                    Terry Sio

                    Terry Sio is a Macao-born entrepreneur who started from scratch. She is the founder and president of Macao’s leading luxury fashion brand retailer—the Rainbow Group. Her company has established since 1979 and runs over 20 world’s leading luxury brands. After her 30 years striving in fashion industry both in Macao and mainland China, Rainbow becomes the most prominent retailer in Macao. Its current total number of shops and POS established is over 150, which cover more than 20 cities in mainland China.

                    Besides her concentration and contribution in fashion industry, Ms. Sio has also established “Rainbow Academy” in 2005 to reciprocate the society with her professional expertise, by training more professional retail salespersons as driving Macao’s retail industry towards international standard has always been one of the missions in her mind. In addition, she has also founded Macao International Brand Enterprise Commercial Association (MIBA) in 2009. The mission of MIBA is to provide a communication platform between international brands, Macao and mainland enterprises; to assist local enterprises to locate new development opportunities to enrich the pluralistic development of Macao; to foster the integration between international corporations and mainland counterpart; and to promote the development of local brands.

                    Ms. Sio had made significant contributions to Macao’s retail industry, economic growth and cultural exchange. The awards has served as approval of her success and recognition from the public and government. Apart from receiving prestigious awards throughout her career, she has also served in many commercial associations in Macao and Mainland China.

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