A New Place to Connect East and West Film Projects and Experiences

Established in 2016 by the IFFAM in the framework of its Industry Hub, Crouching Tigers is a new destination for industry professionals looking for original opportunities for co-production and co-financing of their feature length film projects.


The Crouching Tigers Project Lab has been conceived around three structuring concepts:


  1. Exciting and innovative perspectives in the integration of Asian and non-Asian elements in film script and production.
  2. Special Focus on Genre Cinema, including both its classic forms and  contemporary trends originated by new technologies and formats.
  3. Effective networking, designed to foster lasting creative collaborations and coproduction partnerships.

Over the course of 4 days, through one-on-one meeting sessions, consulting services, workshops and panels, Crouching Tigers aims at providing an ideal opportunity to establish significant connections between seasoned industry professionals from the East and the West, in a professional and relaxed atmosphere.


The line-up of the 12 selected feature length projects is structured as follows:

Genre Projects: Selected by IFFAM

  • BREAKING POINT / Dir & Prod: Ham Tran / Prod: Anderson Le (Vietnam / USA)
  • INSPECTOR LOU / Dir: Djo Munga (United Kingdom / Belgium / Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  • NEON RIVER / Dir: Karim Ainouz / Prod: Fabiano Gullane (Brazil)
  • PILGRIMAGE / Dir: João Botelho / Prod: Alexandre Oliveira (Portugal / France)
  • PINTAKASI / Dir: Erik Matti / Prod: Ronald “Dondon” Monteverde (Philippines)
  • THE AVENGING SILENCE / Dir: Nicolas Winding Refn / Prod: Lene Børglum (Denmark)

Auteur Projects: Selected by IFFAM

  • A MEANS TO AN END/ Dir & Prod: Yu Lik-Wai / Prod: Francois Da Silva, Isabelle Glachant (Hong Kong / China / France / Macao)
  • 270 SAN MA LO, MACAO / Dir & Prod: João Pedro Rodrigues & João Rui Guerra da Mata (Portugal)
  • RIVER TOWN 江城 / Dir & Prod: Lu Chuan / Prod:  Jamie Gordon (USA / China)

Projects from Crouching Tigers Project Labs Partners:

  • Blood Window
    “O”/ Dir: Federico Rotstein & Sebastian Rotstein / Prod: Daniel Werner (Argentina)
  • Frontieres
    THE LONG WALK/ Dir: Mattie Do / Prod: Annick Mahnert (Laos)
  • Sitges
    THE ELDERLY/ Dir: Raúl Cerezo / Prod: Pedro de la Escalera (Spain)


Crouching Tigers shall provide a complete range of specialized services.
The 12 selected projects will participate in a pitch forum, open to all accredited industry professionals.


Crouching Tigers shall provide personalized scheduling for one-to-one meetings between project participants and industry delegates.


A market guide featuring industry and project profiles will be sent to all accredited members.


Each project must be represented by both the director and producer. All project participants are provided with individual spaces for meeting purposes, located at the Macau Science Center.


All projects will also benefit from one to one meetings from experts invited to meet the selected projects in terms of scriptwriting, production, financing, and distribution.

Award Sponsors of Crouching Tigers 2016:


Partners of Crouching Tigers 2016:


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