The Future Perfect
El Futuro Perfecto

Argentina | 2016 | 65’ | DCP | Color | Spanish, Putonghua | Group: B


Director: Nele Wohlatz


Xiaobin is 17 years old and does not speak a word of Spanish when she arrives in Argentina. But a few days later, she already has a new name, Beatriz, and finds a job at a Chinese supermarket. The teenage girl secretly saves up and enrolls at a language school. Having learnt how to “set up appointments” in a foreign language, Xiaobin sets a romantic date with an Indian customer at her workplace. Xiaobin starts to dwell in a world of uncertainty and wonder after being immersed in the stark reality of the conditional tense in her studies, envisaging a life. As her Spanish improves, the more Xiaobin becomes involved in the writing of the film. Xiaobin isn’t only rehearsing her role in The Perfect Future but also her new life on a foreign soil.


* Asian Premiere
* Director & cast in attendance

Dec 9 (Fri)8:30pmUA Galaxy
DirectorNele Wohlatz
ProducersCecilia Salim, Nele Wohlatz
CastZhang Xiaobin, Saroj Kumar Malik, Mian Jiang,
Dong Xi Wang, Nahuel Pérez Biscayart
ScriptwriterNele Wohlatz
CinematographersRoman Kasseroller, Agustina San Martín
EditorAna Godoy
Art Director
SoundNahuel Palenque
Federicio Orio
ProductionMurillo Cine
World SalesMurillo Cine

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