A Cop
Un Flic

France, Italy | 1972 | 98’ | DCP | Color | French | Group: B


Director: Jean-Pierre Melville


Detective Coleman (Alain Delon) is investigating a bank robbery that happens in a small town in France. Coleman’s friend Simon (Richard Crenna), the owner of a nightclub, is the prime suspect of the crime. In his nightclub, Coleman meets his mistress Cathy (Catherine Deneuve), who happens to be Simon’s wife. When Simon learns that the police are looking for the injured robber in every hospital and clinics in town for the wounded thief, the rivalry between the two friends. The protagonists confront each other at the climax of the story. As a cop, Coleman has to be as ruthless as he needs be, even at the cost of his best friend.


* Pre-screening introduction by director Ann Hui

Dec 12 (Mon)7:30pmUA Galaxy
DirectorJean-Pierre Melville
ProducerRobert Dorfmann
CastAlain Delon, Richard Crenna, Catherine Deneuve
ScriptwriterJean-Pierre Melville
CinematographerWalter Wottitz
EditorPatricia Nény
Art DirectorThéobald Meurisse
SoundAndré Hervée, Maurice Laumain, Jean Nény
ProductionEuro International Film (EIA),
Oceania Produzioni Internazionali Cinematografiche
World SalesTamasa Distribution

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