Les Diaboliques

France | 1955 | 116’ | Bluray | B&W | French | Group: B


Director: Henri-Georges Clouzot


A psychological thriller masterpiece by acclaimed French director Henri-Georges Clouzot


A cruel headmaster has been brutally torturing his wife and his mistress. Neither of them can stand it anymore. They soon conspire to kill him. They drug him and place him inside a bathtub. However, the wife soon panics. The mistress tells her to rest and she continues with the murder. They place the body into a large box and drop it to the school’s swimming pool. After the holidays, everyone is concerned about the missing headmaster. The wife becomes paranoid that others will soon find out about her crime. She cannot help but constantly watch the swimming pool. One day, some students drop a ball in the swimming pool, and attempt to get it back. As students jump into the pool they do not stumble upon the body. The wife being stressed out and wishes to confirm that the body is still in there. She soon hires people to drain the pool. All she sees under the water was debris. No body was found. She then faints beside the pool. As the body goes missing, strange events begin to plague the two women.


* Pre-screening introduction by director Kim Jee-woon

Dec 10 (Sat)4:00pmUA Galaxy
DirectorHenri-Georges Clouzot
ProducersHenri-Georges Clouzot, Georges Lourau
CastSimone Signoret, Véra Clouzot
ScriptwritersHenri-Georges Clouzot, Jérôme Géronimi
CinematographerArmand Thirard
EditorMadeleine Gug
Art DirectorLéon Barsacq
SoundWilliam Robert Sivel
ProductionFilmsonor, Vera Films
World SalesTamasa Distribution

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