Don’t Look Now

UK | 1973 | 110’ | DCP | Color | English | Group: D


Director: Nicolas Roeg


After his daughter’s accidental death, John takes his grieving wife Laura to Venice for a getaway. There in a restaurant they come across two sisters. The elder sister, Heather, claims to be a psychic, and she insists that she sees their deceased daughter, Christine. Her alleged ability has intrigued Laura but John resists the idea. Yet, occasionally, John also sees a girl clad in a red coat who bears an eerie resemblance to his daughter. The next day, the psychic helps connect Laura with her daughter from the afterlife. The astonished woman then rushes back to the hotel to inform John of the ephemeral reunion where Christine urged him to leave Venice. John believes none of her words. Meanwhile, Laura is notified of their son’s accident at school, and she immediately travels back to England to confirm his safety with John left behind. Since then, John begins to hallucinate, he sees his wife in danger and he calls the police. Later, he is reassured by Laura on phone both their son and her are safe in England. Afterwards, his daughter’s doppelganger reemerges in John’s sight, and he follows her into a church. But as the girl turns around, John stands stiff in terror as before his eyes stands the unexpected.


* Pre-screening introduction by director Park Chan-wook

Dec 10 (Sat)6:30pmUA Galaxy
DirectorNicolas Roeg
ProducersPeter Katz, Anthony B. Unger
CastJulie Christie, Donald Sutherland
ScriptwriterAllan Scott, Chris Bryant
CinematographerAnthony B. Richmond
EditorGraeme Clifford
Art DirectorGiovanni Soccol
SoundPeter Davies, Rodney Holland, Bob Jones
MusicPino Donaggio
ProductionCasey Productions,
Eldorado Films, D.L.N. Ventures Partnership
World SalesTamasa Distribution

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