Fantomas Unleashed
Fantômas se déchaîne

France | 1965 | 94’ | Bluray | Color | French | Group: B


Director: André Hunebelle


Just as inspector Juve is being decorated for having defeated the evil monster, Fantômas kidnaps distinguished scientist Professor Marchand with the aim to develop a super weapon that will enable him to menace the world. After that, he plans to abduct a second scientist, Professor Lefèvre, during his trip to Rome. Fandor, the journalist, comes up with a plan to stop him. He disguises himself as Professor Lefèvre to attend a scientific conference and lure Fantômas to kidnap him. However, Juve decides to intervene and things go awry. Once again, adventures, chases, puzzling predicaments and kidnappings get off to a roaring start. Juve, Fandor and Hélène set forth, from the halls of the scientific convention to the crater of a volcano, in pursuit of Fantômas and his bag of diabolical tricks. Although Juve has developed an array of special gadgets to catch Fantômas, he uses his special devices to escape again.


*Selected By Tsui Hark

Dec 11 (Sun)6:00pmUA Galaxy
DirectorAndré Hunebelle
ProducerPaul Cadéac, Alain Poiré
CastJean Marais, Louis de Funès, Mylène Demongeot
ScriptwritersJean Halain, Pierre Foucaud
Original AuthorPierre Souvestre, Marcel Allain
CinematographerRaymond Lemoigne
EditorJean Feyte
Art Director
SoundRené C. Forget
ProductionSociété Nouvelle des Établissements Gaumont (SNEG),
P.A.C., Da Ma Produzione, Victory Film, Story Film
World SalesGaumont

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