Horror of Dracula

UK | 1958 | 82’ | DCP | Color | English | Group: B


Director: Terence Fisher


Jonathan Harker goes to the Castle Dracula to apply for a job as a librarian. However, he is actually a vampire hunter and has come to kill Dracula. Harker meets a woman in the castle who asks him for help. It turns out that she is a vampire and she tries to bite him. Dracula appears and stops her. And Harker is finally bitten by Dracula. Before he turns into a vampire, he stakes the woman vampire and sends his diary out of the castle. When Harker’s fiancée knows about the death of him, she becomes ill. Dracula bites her and tries to turn her into a vampire as a revenge to Harker. After reading the diary, Arthur knows about Dracula and plans to destroy him. The Gothic atmosphere and the excellent performance of the cast make this movie a horror classic.


*Selected By Sono Sion

Dec 10 (Sat)9:00pmUA Galaxy
DirectorTerence Fisher
ProducersMichael Carreras, Anthony Hinds
CastPeter Cushing, Christopher Lee
ScriptwriterJimmy Sangster
CinematographerJack Asher
EditorPBill Lenny
Art DirectorBernard Robinson
SoundJock May
MusicJames Bernard
ProductionHammer Films
World SalesPark Circus

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