Du Rififi Chez les Hommes

France | 1955 | 122’ | Bluray | B&W | French | Group: B


Director: Jules Dassin


Tony is an old and almost finished man who has just spent five years in jail. He has lost his place among the mob. His old friend Jo is nevertheless still loyal to him and proposes him the burglary of a jewelry from the window. At first, Tony declines as he thinks he is no longer capable of committing the crime. However, he then learns that his old girlfriend, Mado, is now being with another gangster, he changes his mind about the heist. This is also the chance for Tony to retire with a last exploit. The hold-up is carefully prepared but rival gangsters are watching Tony and his friends. They want a split of the money. They brutally murder Tony’s friends and kidnap Jo’s son. A great classic movie of the French “film noir” which evokes the American classic movie “Asphalt Jungle”.


* Pre-screening introduction by director Choi Dong Hoon

Dec 9 (Fri)5:30pmUA Galaxy
DirectorJules Dassin
ProducersRené Bezard, Henri Bérard, Pierre Cabaud
CastJean Servais, Carl Möhner
ScriptwritersAuguste Le Breton (novel), Jules Dassin (adaptation)
CinematographerPhilippe Agostini
EditorRoger Dwyre
Art DirectorAlexandre Trauner
SoundCharles Akerman, Jacques Lebreton
MusicGeorges Auric
ProductionPathé-Consortium Cinéma, Indusfilms,
S.N.Pathé Cinéma, Primafilm
World SalesGaumont

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