The Great Silence
Il Grande Silenzio

Italy, France | 1968 | 105′ | DCP | Color | Italian, English | Group: C


Director: Sergio Corbucci


Featuring superb photography and a haunting score by Ennio Morricone, Sergio Corbucci’s Italian spaghetti western masterpiece. Set in the snow swept landscape of Utah, a mute gunfighter Silence (Jean-Louis Trintignant) stands against a group of ruthless bounty hunters, led by Loco (Klaus Kinski).


Gordon and his wife were murdered by bounty killers. Their son was hurt and became permanently mute. As Gordon’s boy grows up, he is called Silence and works with the bandits and their allies to fight against the killers. At that time, the Outlaws who have taken shelter in the hills must descend into the valley for food. Snow Hill has become a muster place for bounty hunters, who simply waylay the outlaws and slaughter them to collect the bounty. One of the outlaws, he is killed by a bounty killer. His widow writes to Silence to ask him kill the murderer. Meanwhile, in order to maintain the order of the town, the Governor assigns Gideon Burnett to be the sheriff. The bounty-killing gang led by Loco gives the sheriff a hard time. He is killed by Loco as he saves Silence. Silence gets beat to near death. Nursed back to health by the beautiful women that hired him, he falls in love and tries to take Loco out again. Will he succeed?


* Pre-screening introduction by director Takashi Miike

Dec 9 (Fri)5:00pmMacao Cultural Centre
DirectorSergio Corbucci
ProducersRobert Dorfmann, Attilio Riccio
CastJean-Louis Trintignant, Klaus Kinski
ScriptwritersSergio Corbucci, Vittoriano Petrilli,
Mario Amendola, Bruno Corbucci
CinematographerSilvano Ippoliti
EditorAmedeo Salfa
Art DirectorRiccardo Domenici
SoundRomano Pampaloni
MusicEnnio Morricone
ProductionAdelphia Compagnia Cinematografica,
Les Films Corona
World Sales

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