The Vagabond

India | 1951 | 193’ | DCP | B&W | Hindi | Group: B


Director: Raj Kapoor


With its many plot twists and turns and fabulous dream sequence, Awaara (The Vagabond, 1951) starts in a courtroom. On trial for the attempted murder of Judge Raghunath (the excellent Prithviraj Kapoor, Raj’s father in real life), the charming thief Raj (Raj Kapoor) has for defence lawyer Rita (Nargis), whom he loves and who also happens to be Raghunath’s ward. Following Rita’s interrogation, both Raghunath and Raj are forced to reveal past events. The story unfolds in two long flashbacks: the first shows how Raghunath came to abandon his wife (Leela Chitnis) and their unborn child who turns out to be Raj — unbeknownst to father and son. The second flashback reveals how the ten-year-old Raj, under the influence of the bandit Jagga (K.N.Singh), takes to crime. When Raj grows up, he is reunited with his childhood sweetheart Rita whose love awakens his moral conscience. But Raj discovers that reforming is no easy option, and nor is accepting Judge Raghunath, a father who so cruelly deserted him. Nurture vs. nature is a theme that runs through this exceptional film.


Nasreen Munni Kabir


*Selected By Ning Hao

Dec 12 (Mon)5:00pmUA Galaxy
DirectorRaj Kapoor
ProducerRaj Kapoor
CastPrithviraj Kapoor, Nargis, Raj Kapoor
ScriptwritersKhwaja Ahmad Abbas, V.P. Sathe
CinematographerRadhu Karmakar
EditorG.G. Mayekar
Art DirectorM.R. Achrekar
SoundAllauddin Khan Qureshi
MusicJaikishan Dayabhai Panchal,
Shankar Singh Raghuwanshi
ProductionAll India Film Corporation, R.K. Films Ltd.
World SalesShemaroo Entertainment

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