Walter Defends Sarajevo
Valter brani Sarajevo

Yugoslavia | 1972 | 133’ | DCP | Color | Serbian, German | Group: B


Director: Hajrudin Krvavac


With spectacular action scenes and a lot of humor, this film is considered one of the most successful partisan films of former Yugoslavia


This film is based on the life of the elusive Yugoslav partisan Vladimir Peric (Valter). In Sarajevo, he organized a strong resistance to the Nazi occupation. He gets easily cross the front line, moving between cities for the delivering of weapons and ammunition. The Nazis went on his trail 8 times, but haven’t been able to catch him. In the film, events take place in late 1944. The film shows one of dramatic periods of the heroic history of the Partisan movement in Sarajevo. The German Army retires to the west, they have important needs of fuel. The German command sends the fuel supplying to the Detachment headed by General Loera, but the path to it lies through Sarajevo. Valter, mysterious and charismatic leader of the resistance manages to cut their reserve and to destroy their cargo. The Germans start to make the most incredible plans to try to eliminate him, but Valter remains uncatchable.


* Pre-screening introduction by director Lu Chuan
* Courtesy of Kinoteka of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dec 9 (Fri)7:30pmMacao Cultural Centre
DirectorHajrudin Krvavac
CastVelimir ‘Bata’ Živojinović, Rade Marković
ScriptwriterDjordje Lebovic
CinematographerMiroljub Dikosavljevic
EditorsJelena Bjenjas, Vojislav Bjenjas
Art DirectorMilenko Jeremic
SoundNino Jelic, Hasan Vejzagic
MusicBojan Adamič
ProductionBosna Film
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