Immortal Story

1986 | 96′ | DCP | Color | Mandarin | Group: C


Director: Yonfan


A newly restored classic from Yonfan in original Mandarin version


Mei Ling was born in Shanghai. After the death of her mother, she depended on her aunt and sang in restaurants at night. She was a weak character, with no will of her own. She refused to face the reality, a typical tragic mentality. Mei Ling met Chung Chuen and fell in love at first sight. Later, Chung Chuen left the country and due to contradiction in their characters, she did not write to him although he left his forwarding address. She met a girl called Pak Lan who imposed her will on her. So Mei Ling let her make every decision for her.Together they lived from day-to- day in a fallen way.


Ten years Later….


*World Premiere of the restored version for the 30th anniversary of the film

Dec 11 (Sun)8:30pmUA Galaxy
ProducerLin Dengfei
CastSylvia CHANG, YAO Wei, SHINGO Tsurumi
CinematographerJingle Ma
EditorDavid Wu
Art DirectorFang Ying
MusicAlvin Kwok
ProductionCentral Motion Pictures Corporation,
Far Sun Film Company Ltd.
World SalesFortune Star Media

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