Mexico | 2016 | 82’ | DCP | Color/B&W | Spanish | Group: C


Director: Victor Dryere


Home movies usually contain scenes of intimate happiness, but they can also be witness to the purest horror. And that’s precisely the case with 1974, a found footage film with a grainy texture and an unsettling soundtrack, where a bunch of 8mm tapes reveal the horrifying events experienced by a newlywed couple that disappeared in Mexico in the mid-seventies.


* Asian Premiere
* Directors & cast in attendance

Dec 12 (Mon)9:30pmUA Galaxy
DirectorVictor Dryere
ProducerDea Arjona
CastDiana Bovio, Rolando Breme,
Guillermo Callahan, Blanca Alarcón
ScriptwriterVictor Dryere
CinematographersGuillermo Garza, Daniel Alanis
EditorsDaniel Livas, Victor Dryere
Art DirectorMirtha de la Garza
SoundBraulio Beltrán, Uriel Villalobos
MusicEnrico Chapela
ProductionNemesis Films, S. de R.L., Plataforma A&C
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