Our Seventeen

2016 | 110’ | Bluray | Color | Cantonese, Putonghua | Group: B


Director: Emily Chan


Macau director Emily Chan’s take on the changes of her city since its handover in 1999 through a story about youth, music and first love. The story revolves around a relentless and passionate pursuit of music among teenagers and their constant explorations of self-values, starting with Winson adjusting himself to a new school, at a time shortly before Macau’s handover in 1999.


*World Premiere

Dec 9 (Fri)6:30pmMacau Tower
DirectorEmily Chan
ProducerZhao Qing
CastSean Pang, Angela Yuen
ScriptwritersEmily Chan, Natalie Cheang
CinematographerSimmy Cheong
EditorSun Yanliang
Art DirectorChantelle Cheang
SoundEllison Lau
MusicFortes Pakeong Sequeira, Akitsugu Fukushima
ProductionBeijing High Tide Sounds Culture Media Co., Ltd.
Xing Hong Yong Sheng Media Co., Ltd.
Gansu Guo Hao Film & Culture Co., Ltd.
E.C. Film Production Co., Ltd.
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